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Flamenco in Andalusia

Flamenco in Andalusia Flamenco in Andalusia

The most if not all of people are acquainted with flamenco. However, not all of them know that the motherland of flamenco is Andalusia. Fiery music, clatter of heels, bright dresses, chatters of castanets – all these are indissoluble components of this inimitable Spanish dance. Flamenco in Andalusia is an integral part of local culture. You can come across flamenco both on splendid festival and even in small village.

Flamenco came into the world due to an interweaving of several cultures: Spanish, Moorish, Jewish and, off course, Gypsy. The main contribution to a rise of flamenco in Andalusia was made by Gypsies. They came into Andalusia in 15th century and during about 300 years Gypsies were struggling for their right to stay in Spain. At first flamenco was performed in narrow family or neighbor's circles. A region of Seville Triana is thought to be the cradle of flamenco. One of the first snack-bars where the dance was performed for the first time was Tio Minarro.

Every inhabitant of Andalusia is sure that there is no feeling which couldn’t be conveyed by flamenco dancer, a bailaor. Hands are tossed over a head in a distinctive way, a back is straightened, a body has proud and slightly aggressive position … A moment of immobility… And sudden tap-dance: heels lightly and neatly beat a rhythm with accompaniment of a guitar. A quick turn of a trunk is followed by a rather coarse voice of a singer. A strong wave of hands is changed unexpectedly into oriental flexible plastic of movements. A bailaor usually has much more facilities for improvisation than a singer or a guitar player.

Flamenco in Andalusia could be seen in a plenty of places: in diverse halls and cafes or on concerts of famous dance troupes. Flamenco is a breath of Andalusia. Don’t miss an opportunity of getting acquainted with this magnificent cultural phenomena.

Photo is published under the public license: morbuto.

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