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Cruises are becoming increasingly popular in Andalusia

Cruises are becoming increasingly popular in Andalusia
Cruises are becoming increasingly popular in Andalusia

In 2009 the number of tourists who arrived in the port cities of Andalusia has increased by 20%. So was reported at the special Assembly, held in Seville by Suncruise Andalucía. Suncruise Andalucía represents the cruise sector on the tourist market of Andalusia.

During the meeting of the Assembly were presented the following figures. For example, in 2008 on cruise tours in the ports of Andalusia arrived about 659 000 people. At the same time, in 2009 the number of cruise passengers visiting ports of this region of Spain was amounted to 787.000 persons.

The total number of passengers who have participated in cruises in the region of Andalusia in 2009 is more than 6 million people. This is approximately equal to 13% of the total share of cruise passengers in Spain.

Today, cruise industry is one of the largest segments of the recreation industry in Europe. In total, it involves about 300 thousand employees. The average annual turnover of European cruises is about 32 billion euros.

On the map of cruise holidays in Europe, Spain ranks third in popularity after Italy and Greece. In total visitors spent on cruises along the coast of Spain about 380 million euros. In Andalusia, according to the report of the European Commission, the number of tourist spendings on cruises was 53 million euros.

Amid growing interest in cruises in Andalusia is held a number of works on modernization of port services. In 2010, in port infrastructure is planned to invest about 215 million euros. Among the most significant projects is worth noting the development of the port of Tarif in the province of Cadiz, which is popular also due to the regular ferry voyages to the Moroccan port of Tangier. Another project is the modernization of the port of Malaga, where in 2011 is planned completion of the marine station Levante Maritime Station.

Date: 05/04/2010

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Fascinating story, especially in light of the current "economic crisis." Great to hear about some sector that is doing well.


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