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Tenerife overrun Malaga on Christmas Eve

Tenerife overrun Malaga on Christmas Eve
Tenerife overrun Malaga on Christmas Eve

Malaga is no longer the most popular city for holidays in Spain. In December 2010 Malaga lost leadership among urban transit travels in Spain. Malaga, which has one of the largest in Spain international airports, was defeated by Tenerife, which was ahead of Malaga on the number of requests for purchase of tickets on Christmas Eve. Such data is provided by the leading European airline reservation portal

The main air gate of the Costa Del Sol, where tourists can go to such resorts as Marbella, Fuengirola and Torremolinos, now is second after the airport of Tenerife. Provided by data suggest that in addition to Tenerife in Europe has also increased demand for flights and holidays in Thailand.

Generally, the period of Christmas and winter holidays surprised many tourist ratings mainly due to a convincing growth of Thailand as one of the most popular destinations for air travel. The number of requests to purchase tickets to the leading airport in Thailand - Bangkok Airport - in December rose sharply.

Thailand and the Canary Islands are the regions, where the weather promises to be sunny and warm even in winter months. As for Malaga, despite the fact that tourist confidence in the possibilities of resorts on the Costa del Sol was shaky, the city still managed to keep a place in the top three cities with the largest number of requests for tickets. Malaga fallen to second place in the ranking according to Skyscanner. Compared with November, the largest increase in requests for tickets was demonstrated by Paris, Bangkok and Dublin. In this case, the biggest increase in ranking of Skyscanner on the number of positions shown in December 2010 Riga, Oslo, Bucharest and Kuala Lumpur.

Ten most popular air destinations of December to the number of request according to looks like this:

1. Tenerife
2. Malaga
3. Alicante
4. Bangkok
5. London
6. New York
7. Amsterdam
8. Dublin
9. Paris
10. Faro is a flight booking system, which offers its services in 23 languages. The monthly number of visitors of the portal is 8 million people.

Date: 16/12/2010

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