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Ban on smoking in Spain: restaurants are protesting

Ban on smoking in Spain: restaurants are protesting
Spain has banned smoking in public places

On January 2, 2011 in Spain came into effect ban on smoking in public places. Spain as one of the most smoking European nations decided to fight the tobacco smoke with radical legislative means.

It is worth noting that the new law did not meet the mass support in Spanish society. A number of Western media reports about the negative reaction to the Spanish innovation. Moreover, this reaction is expressed not only in verbal disapproval, but in the assault. Thus, the smoking ban has led to a brawl between visitors and owners in a bowling club in Montehermozo.

At the same time a number of cafes and restaurants in Spain refused to mark their establishments with smoking ban signs, as required by the new rules. Moreover, some owners publicly declare their opposition to new measures posting in the windows of their establishments invitations for smokers. Thus, in one of the bars in Marbella owner hung a poster, which states that smokers can find refuge in this bar, which is the last refuge for lovers of tobacco. For several days after celebrating the New Year, this bar has become perhaps one of the most visited in Marbella.

Socialist government in Spain, which adopted a new law, said that tobacco caused "serious damage" to health of Spaniards especially in the last seven years. Under the new law, smoking is now prohibited not only in restaurants and bars, but also in open areas near schools and hospitals.

Opponents of the law, in turn, point out its drawbacks. Emphasis is made on discrimination of smokers. Smoking, which is actually illegal, at the same time remains affordable. Cigarettes are sold everywhere in Spain, including restaurants and bars where smoking is prohibited, which looks like nonsense.

At the same time, British broadcaster BBC notes that there are few owners of bars and restaurants, who dare to protest publicly. The main deterrent is the high level of fines for violation of the new law. The range of penalties for smoking in Spain for the owners of restaurants and bars is from 600 to 100 000 euros.

Date: 06/01/2011

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George Haliwell


Does anybody else get the sense that smokers are the scapegoat for pollution ? Perhaps that is why this entire debate is so irrational. Smoking prevalence is now rising, tobacco consumption is more visible and more normal, and therefore the stated objective of the abolitionists; to denormalise smoking and thereby coerce abstinence, is an unmitigated failure. Perhaps the green movement has caused widespread guilt which, through psychological transference, manifests itself as inordinate intolerance for just one, relatively minor, form of pollution. Clearly smoking is not beneficial to ones health but nor is motoring, alcohol, chocolate, fizzy drinks, cheeseburgers, loud music or bungee jumping. Are puritanism and utilitarianism to define politics in the 21st century ?


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