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Spain expects growth in the number of tourists

Spain expects growth in the number of tourists
Spain expects growth in the number of tourists

Tourism in Spain can benefit from unrest in Arab countries. According to the AFP news agency the flow of tourists heading for holidays to Spain, can markedly increase in the near future. So, already this winter the Canary Islands, which are located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of North Africa, can get about 300.000 vacationers over the usual norm. Such a trend is linked with the events in Tunisia and Egypt, which has traditionally been a popular destination for winter recreation among Europeans.

Over the recent years these Middle Eastern countries were accounted for the greatest competition to the Canary Islands and Andalusia as well as resorts, located on the Mediterranean coast, as cheaper and more affordable analog for the masses. However, due to political instability and the revolutionary events in the Middle East that may last indefinitely, Spanish resort islands have a real chance to recoup and to strengthen its superiority.

It should be noted that according to the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations, Spain is now ranked fourth in the world by the number of visits, losing only to France, the United States and China.

Reacting to the turmoil the airlines reduced the number of flights in Egypt and the major players of tourism business such as TUI and Thomas offered to their buyers the alternative - either to cancel already acquired tour without any penalties or choose another place for recreation.

Minister for Tourism of the Regional Government of the Canary Islands Ricardo Armas told the reporters: "Tour operators have reported that over the next few months Canary Islands, where the holiday season lasts until late April, will be visited by 300.000 tourists more than usual. However, this situation could change literally from day to day".

It is assumed that the occupancy of the hotel rooms can grow up to 80-85%. Mostly is expected the increase of flow of tourists from Britain, Germany and the Scandinavian Peninsula, but they are likely to be followed also by the citizens of such countries as Italy, France, Russia and Poland.

Date: 15/02/2011

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