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Ibiza 2011 film festival

Ibiza 2011 film festival
Ibiza will host film festival

The Fifth International Film Festival of independent cinema (Ibiza International Film Festival) will take place on Ibiza from 4 to 8 of May. This prestigious contest will bring together the best-known film critics and world stars, as well as all lovers of independent cinema. This is a sort of peculiar elite club of film connoisseurs. Organizers of the first festival in 2007 were Jorge and Daniel Benyoch, with significant financial and organizational support from John Hart, Terry Gilliam, Sir Alan Parker and Angela Molina.

The motto of the festival was the slogan "The independent spirit", and the symbol - the golden falcon (Falcó d'Or). Falcó d'Or has its natural prototype, it is Eleanor Falcon, a rare bird that nests in the most inaccessible cliffs of Ibiza. Statuettes, depicting such falcon, are the highest awards for the winners of the Ibiza International Film Festival. These symbols were proposed at the first session of the festival by the filmmaker Jonathan Debin in the memory of the John Huston’s film - The Maltese Falcon (1941).

During its existence the festival of independent cinema had in its jury such well-known actors and directors as: Michael Radford, Jacqueline Bisset, Carlos Bardem and Michael Newman.

In 2011, the jury will be headed by the North American actor Val Kilmer, who became world famous after the filming in 1995 of the blockbuster "Batman forever" and the role of Jim Morrison in 1991 biopic "The Doors" by Oliver Stone. Having begun his career in commercial action films, Val Kilmer in recent years has focused specifically on independent cinema.

Term independent film appeared in the film industry in 1960 and refers to the films made outside the major film companies. Features of these films are creative experiments and small budgets.

Ilya Kozlovskiy

Date: 27/04/2011

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