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Skating rink will appear in Barcelona for the New Year

Skating rink will appear in Barcelona for the New Year
Skating rink will appear in Barcelona for the New Year

Christmas is a favorite winter holiday of Spaniards, which is widely celebrated across the country. This is especially noticeable in Barcelona. The whole city literally transforms during the holidays, Christmas trees with bright garlands are installed everywhere on the streets, at the open air stages are held concerts of ecclesiastical and popular music. On many squares are arranged Christmas markets, where you can buy not only gifts for your friends and relatives, but also already prepared traditional dishes for the festive table.

The only winter entertainment, which has not been presented in Barcelona, was a skating rink. However, this year for the first time in the history on the Plaça de Catalunya can appear Christmas ice rink. The decision on construction of an ice rink with the area of 900 square meters on the central square of Catalonia is still considered by the city council, but the organizers expect positive resolution. The fact is that similar proposals have already been submitted to the City Council in previous years, but were always rejected.

Positive decision, according to the initiators, can be made as a part of the program to promote Barcelona as a candidate to host the Winter Olympic Games in 2022. In addition, bright and comfortable skating rink in the city center can be one of the most popular tourist routes in the city. Building of a skating rink on Plaça de Catalunya can also give political benefits as on this square regularly hold their manifestos members of the M-15 movement (youth organization, which requires economic changes in the country. The first meeting was held on May 15).

So, it is likely that already on 30 November, when the Christmas lights will be lighted in Barcelona, everyone will be able to skate on the Catalunya square.

Ilya Kozlovskiy

Date: 26/11/2011

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