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Spain will build a space hotel by 2012

Spain will build a space hotel by 2012
Spain will build a space hotel by 2012

In November 2009 the Spanish company Galactic Suite has announced the start of a unique project - construction of the space hotel Galactic Suite Space Resort. At the same time the company director Javier Claramunt stated that the project will be realized less than three years. But the experts didn’t fully agree with this statement. The terms and budget of the hotel were considered to be unreal. The stated cost of the hotel is 3 billion Euros, which were transferred on the Galactic Suite Space Resort account by the anonymous investor.

But a few days ago Javier Claramunt assured the press that in 2012 the orbital hotel will receive its first visitors. By the way, 45 people have already booked tours to the new hotel, and more than 200 are interested in it and are waiting for the test results. Such vacations are not for everyone. The cost of 3 days on the orbit will be $4.4 million. This price includes the eight-week stay on a tropical island, where the future astronauts will face medical examination and finish the preflight courses.

Galactic Suite Space Resort will be located at an altitude of 500 kilometers and fly around the planet at a speed of 30.000 kilometers per hour. Four guests and two professional astronauts will be able to stay there.

In its brochure Galactic Suite claims that the guests will be able to watch sunrise 15 times a day and perform round the world trips every 80 minutes. But due to the zero-gravity the hotel guests will almost always be in a special velcro suit with, which allows them to move in the room by sticking to the walls.

It is assumed that the tourists will be delivered to the Galactic Suite and back to Earth by the company Virgin Galactic, owned by the British tycoon Richard Branson. It will cost the cosmos tourists another 200 thousand dollars.

Ilya Kozlovskiy

Date: 18/12/2011

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