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Events in Andalusia

Events in Andalusia Festival in Andalusia

Andalusia is a region with a hot climate and, perhaps, therefore it is inhabited with passionate people. Many know Spaniards as honest workers but even more people know Spaniards as cheery fellows. And really, there are so many diverse events in Andalusia that it seems to be it is possible to take part in a party every day just traveling from one city to another.

Spaniards are very religious people, therefore the vast majority of events in Andalusia are dedicated to some religious holidays. Besides national holidays, such as Semana Santa, that are celebrated in every town and village in a big way there are plenty of local festivals and fairs held only in a particular place. These events are often dedicated to some saints that are respected in a settlement. The most spectacular and mass celebrations are held in honor of the patron saint of a town.

The vast majority of events in Andalusia are started with colorful processions. Many people dress national Spanish costumes and go through the streets singing and dancing. During the holidays, various concerts, crowded fairs, showy carnivals, amusing outdoor competitions, and astounding fireworks are taken place. Participating in such events, tourists have a great chance to get acquainted with flaming national dance, flamenco, or visit one of the numerous Andalusian bullrings where corrida is usually taken place on holidays.

Besides religious events, there are many annual concerts, festivals and sport competitions in Andalusia. Among the most famous are Granada Music Festival, Jerez Horse Fair, Seville Feria, Cherry Festival, Nerija International Cave Festival and many others.

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Festival in Andalusia

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