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November Events in Andalusia

Festival in Cordoba Festival in Cordoba

November in Andalusia is a month when the region has a small respite from summer crowds of tourists. In November, noisy and populous festivals give away to small local holidays mostly. Many feasts are dedicated to the end of harvest season and the beginning of a winter. So, the main event of such festivals and fairs is preparation of some delicious local dish invented definitely in a settlement where the holiday takes place. Therefore, November is a really good month to visit Andalusia for gourmets who are crazy of traditional Spanish food.

Check out our list of the main November events in Andalusia set out below.

Date: 1 November
Name: Tosantos (All Saints Day)
Venue: Cadiz, Cadiz province

Description: A fiesta celebrated in Cadiz city and surrounding villages.

Date: 11 November
Name: The Feast of San Martin
Venue: overall in mountain areas of Andalusia

Description: Preparation to a winter season. Eating hams, sausages and black pudding.

Date: 12-16 November
Name: Almanzora Fair
Venue: Almeria province

Description: A fair dedicated to a local gastronomy.

Date: mild-November
Name: Hocus Pocus Festival
Venue: Granada, Granada province

Description: A very big annual festival accompanied with many magical shows (Hocus Nights).

Date: 25 November
Name: La Merendica day
Venue: Santa Fe, Granada province

Description: An annual celebration of Santa Catalina Day in Santa Fe. Outdoor preparing of delicious fried food.

Date: 29 November
Name: Mosto Festival
Venue: Atajate, Malaga province

Description: A harvest fiesta.

Date: 30 November
Name: Fiesta de la Chafaina
Venue: Totalan, Malaga province

Description: Preparing of an unique local dish by a very old recipe.

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