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For the hotels of Costa del Sol the Holy Week was most successful

For the hotels of Costa del Sol the Holy Week was most successful
Hotels on the Costa Del Sol turned out to be extremely popular during the Easter celebrations

Semana Santa or Holy Week is a week that anticipates Easter celebrations in Spain. In Andalusia Semana Santa is celebrated very broadly. The most large-scale celebrations are held in Seville, where to participate in a festive procession every year hundreds of thousands of pilgrims arriving from all over the world.

For hotels of Andalusia and especially for hotels of Costa Del Sol the fillability of rooms during the Semana Santa is an indirect indicator by which can be judged the success of the upcoming summer season. And, it seems, this time hotels of Costa del Sol can talk about the great success. During Holy Week the average fillability of hotels of Costa del Sol was 76%. On the eve of Semana Santa Spanish hotel experts predicted the fillability rates up to 70% of the total number of hotel rooms in Costa Del Sol. Exceeding the planned targets of 6% can be regarded as the litmus test, which shows a gradual recovery of Andalusian hotel sector from a protracted crisis, which the sector has been facing since the end of 2008. Optimism of hotel operators of this Spanish region is supported by the fact that the rate of fillability of Costa del Sol hotels during Semana Santa 2010 was 10% higher than last year.

The most popular, as expected, turned out to be the hotels of Seville. The rooms of most Seville hotels were filled for more than 86% and it is one of the best figures throughout Spain. To boot, from Maundy Thursday to Holy Saturday - the time of grand Easter Eve procession through the streets of Seville - hotel fillability rates reached a record of 95%.

As for the rural areas of Andalusia and some coastal resorts, here the average fillability rate ranged from 69% to 71%.

The above data were presented by the Council of Tourism of Costa del Sol in collaboration with the World Tourism Organization. According to the latter 2010 should be a year of restoration of the tourist industry of Spain. It is expected the increase in tourist inflow in the Pyrenees of 4-6% compared to the year 2009.

Date: 07/04/2010

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