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Beaches of Andalusia among the best in Spain

Beaches of Andalusia among the best in Spain
Beaches of Andalusia among the best in Spain

Beaches of Andalusia are the most preferred destinations for summer holidays in Spain for millions of tourists. Cleanness and latitude - these are the reasons why many people go to the beaches of Andalusia and its main resort of Costa del Sol. Not long ago, another confirmation of the quality of the beaches of Andalusia became "Q" certificates of quality, which are annually presented by the Spanish Institute of Tourism.

In 2010 the number of beaches that have been certified with "Q" in Andalusia was higher than in any other region of Spain. In total were given 53 certificates for the beaches of Costa del Sol and for the beaches in other parts of the coast of Andalusia. It is worth noting that other major regions of summer holidays in Spain such as Valencia or Murcia could not compete with Andalusia in the number of quality beaches. Thus, in Valencia "Q" certificates were given to 39 beaches and in Murcia - only 21. The total number of beaches, which this year have been certified by the Spanish Institute of Tourism Studies, is 118.

Among the resorts in Andalusia, which beaches are able to raise the "Q" flag, can be found almost in all known coastal towns of Andalusia. High marks were given to Arda, Cabo de Gada, Almeria, the beaches at the resorts of Malaga and Cadiz. Among the winners are mostly exotic Spanish names: Costacabana y Almería in Almeria, El Ancon at the resort of Carbonares, Torre-del-Mar on the coast of the province of Malaga, La Caleta y Victoria in Cadiz.

Criteria of the Spanish Institute of Tourism for the quality of the beaches to a certain extent are similar to the Blue Flag of the EU. However, in the case of "Q" certificate into consideration are taken not only the purity of water and sand, but also beach infrastructure, which should include surveillance, rescue services, leisure activities, quality control of beverages offered on the beach, as well as hygienic control of food.

Date: 15/06/2010

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