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Holidays in Andalusia: a paradise beach for hotels?

Against the background of economic crisis Spain is ready to sacrifice the most picturesque coastal areas in favor of tourist business. Tarifa is a city in the province of Cadiz famous for unemployment, which here is one of the highest in the country - 33%. Local authorities say that their decision to allocate large areas on one of the Valdevaqueros beach, one of the most picturesque in Andalusia, for the hotel building is an attempt to cope with unemployment.

Holidays in Spain 2012: the best beaches in Andalusia

Summer holidays in Andalusia are among the main tourist attractions of the region. As Andalusia is famous for one of the longest coastlines in Spain, tourists can easily get confused in the variety of beaches. Here is a list of the most famous and well-organized beaches, which can be considered as the best in Andalusia.

14 villages interceded for an unfinished hotel in Almeria

In the Spanish province of Almeria 14 villages opposed the demolition of the El Agarrobico hotel located at the seaside resort of Carboneras.

Patio festival in Cordoba

In southern Spain in the Andalusia province is located one of the most picturesque cities in the region - Cordoba. The city with amazing history and many historical monuments constantly attracts thousands of tourists from around the world.

Holidays for the Middle East in Andalusia

Andalusian authorities intend to offer the Middle East travel industry representatives such areas as wine and culinary tourism and show the best cities of the country. The three-day promotional tour includes Malaga, Granada, Cordoba and Seville.

Resorts in Spain: summer preparations in Benalmadena

One of the most famous resorts on the Costa del Sol in Andalusia - Benalmadena - will offer a new attraction park for the current summer. The new park will be opened in the Finca de Los Limones district.

Carnival in Cadiz 2012

The official opening of the ten-day festival will be held in Cadiz on February 16. However, local residents, who like bright entertainment, start celebrating long before the formal date and finish celebrations much later.

The jewelry museum in Malaga was opened with empty halls

Malaga is one of the richest in museums cities of Andalusia. In addition to the iconic Picasso Museum, there is a huge variety of exhibitions. Among them are Automobile Museum, Wine Museum, Puppet Museum and the Museum of Glass.

Flight guide was published In Andalusia

The Andalusian hang glider guide includes in total description of 25 stations in five provinces of the region. The greatest number of stations located in Malaga. These are Álora, Casarabonela, Ronda la Vieja, Teba, Calaceite-Torrox, Valle de Abdalajís and Villanueva del Trabuco.

People go to the Costa del Sol for pregnancy

The world famous resort of Costa del Sol is very popular among the tourists, who prefer comfortable beach holidays in Spain. However, in the last two years people started to come here not just for the warm seas and good weather. As noted by one of the most respected Spanish newspapers El Mundo, many Europeans choose Costa del Sol resorts, more specifically local clinics for the procedure of artificial insemination.

Growing demand for apartments in Andalusia

Against the background of growth in the number of overnight stays the increase in the number of tourists is even much higher. So, by 9.5% more travelers compared to September 2010 chose to stay in the Andalusian private sector. Thus, in September 2011 by 17.000 more tourists rented accommodation in private houses and family hotels of the region.

Malaga super tram closes

A modern tram route, which connects Velez resort with Torre Del Mar and is one of the newest attractions of Velez-Malaga, is being closed now. This decision was made by the municipal authorities after they have not managed to cover the expenses for establishing the commuter route in 2011 in one of the most successful tourist regions of Spain - Malaga.

Sights of Spain: the Alhambra will be equipped with a lift?

A massive plan on improving tourism infrastructure was developed in Granada. The city authorities in the person of the mayor of Granada José Torres Hurtado offered an unusual project, which should facilitate the tourists to travel easily to the main attractions.

Barcelona says goodbye to the bullfight

On September 25, 2011 the last Catalonian bullfight will be held in Barcelona. From January 1, 2012 in this region of Spain comes into force the official ban on bullfighting.

The site of the gourmet Neanderthal was found in Torremolinos

The cave in Torremolinos - one of the most famous resorts on the Costa del Sol - presented Spanish archaeologists a surprising discovery. Here was found the Neanderthal site, which age is more than 150 000 years.

Tourists in Jaen spend more money than in the rest of Andalusia

In the Jaen province in Andalusia tourists spend more money than in any other province of this Spanish region. The average amount of daily expenditures per tourist in Jaen last summer season was 94 Euros. At the same time, the average daily expenditures in whole Andalusia are about 65 Euros per tourist.

Malaga hotels: more are more

Even at the end of the 2011 summer season Malaga in Spain continues to demonstrate enviable "form". It is about the hotels of the Andalusia province, which despite the information about the crisis in the Spanish tourism industry continue to be erected on the Costa del Sol - the main holiday region of Malaga.
Casa 1800

Reviews - best hotels in Seville

Top hotels in Seville - there are hundreds of ratings with this name. And everyone wants to be the most objective and honest. The Spanish company Iberalta, which specializes in travel consulting, succeeded in determining the best hotels in Seville a little further than others. All ingenious is simple - Iberalta identified the very best hotels in Seville by 24 000 reviews on three popular portals -, and

First 7-star hotel in Spain is in the center of scandal

Spain might never see opening of the first 7-star hotel in the country. Bahía Fenicia Hotel is a luxury hotel, which should be built at Almuñécar resort, between Costa del Sol and Costa Tropical, is in the center of scandal

Granada: festivals in June 2011

Granada in June is one of the loudest and richest in events cities of Andalusia and Spain. In early summer in Granada are held already three holidays, which made the city and the province popular outside Spain. Holiday in Granada in June is a kind of extravaganza, where are intertwined religion and creativity. And, of course, renting of apartments in Granada in June is honorable for any tourist.

Hotels in Costa del Sol: holidays without children

Resorts of Costa del Sol, the main resort coast of Andalusia, are seeking new ways to attract tourists to its beaches. Among the latest innovations that will soon be available at such resorts as Torremolinos, Benalmadena and Fuengirola are "childfree" hotels or "hotels without children."

Hotels on Costa del Sol: April growth

Despite the rainy weather, resort hotels on Costa del Sol demonstrated quite successful figures. Semana Santa or the Holy Week is the Easter eve in Spain, which is also the first marker of the state of the tourism industry before the summer season.

Holidays in Seville: April Fair

Those, who plan to stay in Seville in May should remember about the largest street fair in La Feria de Abril on May 3.

Oscar 2012 in Malaga?

Malaga, one of the largest tourist centers of Spain, intends to attract tourist attention not only with its airport and opportunities for recreation. "Gateway to the Costa del Sol", Malaga wishes to offer its candidacy to host the Oscar ceremony.

First Spanish Waldorf Astoria hotel will be opened in Seville

Hilton Hotel Corporation announced its intention to open the first luxury Waldorf Astoria hotel in Spain. Hacienda La Boticaria hotel near Seville expects rebranding, after which it will open its doors under the updated name - Waldorf Astoria Sevilla at L

Best Spanish beaches in Marbella

Beaches in Marbella were named the best in Spain. Survey of the resort regions of the country with the best reputation was carried out by Oak Power Communication company, which examined the views about beach holidays in Spain among 600 journalists around

In Marbella a restaurant will be fined for 145,000 euros

The government of Andalusia intends to be one of the first in Spain to impose sanctions against institutions that violate came in January 2011 law banning smoking in public places.

Holidays in Spain 2011 at Fitur

On January 19, 2010 in Madrid starts one of Europe's largest tourist exhibitions - Fitur 2011. It is hard to imagine another more massive event, where holiday in Spain would have been presented so extensively. Fitur 2011 is the largest tourist exhibition

Will Ronda be included into the UNESCO World Heritage List?

Spanish town of Ronda will apply to UNESCO for inclusion in the list of World Architectural Heritage. Decision on the nomination of Rhonda belongs to its Mayor Antonio Marina. On November 23, 2010 Mayor of Rhonda suggested the City Council to consider the

Andalusian hotels are closed for the winter

Hotels in Andalusia will continue the practice of closing for the winter season. And in 2010-2011 the the number of hotels that choose to close, will be even bigger than last year. Andalusian hoteliers note that despite the positive performance of the las
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Music Festival 2012 in Santander
Popularity of the festival in Santander is truly enormous. Almost all musical performances are broadcasted live on Spanish national radio, while TV broadcasts it for the whole world. It is worth noting that thanks to the International festival Santander will be officially declared a European Capital of Culture in 2016.
Non-stop shopping in Madrid
Last week Madrid authorities prepared excellent news for the shoppers, who prefer to go shopping on weekends and holidays. From now on all kinds of shops will be able to open on any day of the week and work 24 hours a day!
Working at home saves fuel in Spain
Hot holidays in Andalusia, Malaga, on the Costa del Sol and in the vicinity of Seville, are reaching its peak. However, the editorial office of decided to distract from the tourism theme and to pay attention to work. And they managed to discover several surprising facts.