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Holidays in Seville: April Fair

Holidays in Seville: April Fair
Holidays in Seville: April Fair
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Those, who plan to stay in Seville in May should remember about the largest street fair in La Feria de Abril on May 3.

Exactly within two weeks after the Easter (in 2011 it is May 3) in the Andalusian city of Seville begins La Feria de Abril - April Fair. In 1847, when was held the first fair, it was created as an agricultural market for cattle, in Seville were driven huge herds of cows and herds of horses. However, over the time, thanks to incendiary nature of Seville people, commercial enterprise has grown into a colorful local festival with its own traditions and rules, and by the scope La Feria de Abril is the largest and long-awaited holiday in Seville and its surroundings.

Although the fair opens only on May 3, on Tuesday, people will begin to prepare for it from early Monday morning, when on the south bank of the Guadalquivir (river, upon which Seville stands) within hours will be erected a huge holiday village. Tens of thousands of tents of various sizes and colors will be its base and near the town will be installed decorated with garlands of flowers symbolic gates. The locals are very proud of the history of their city, so for holiday everyone comes exclusively in their national costumes. Men wear short jackets, tight trousers and traditional shoes, while women dress up in flamenco dresses. On the streets during the holiday you can meet only horse carriages (the only authorized vehicle) that look just like 150 years ago, and every morning at the campground are organized parades of riders and horse-drawn carriages. In Seville itself are held numerous shows and attractions, and all guests are invited to taste Andalusian national cuisine - sherry, wine or sweets. And, of course, none of the Spanish holidays is complete without bullfighting because in Seville is located the oldest bullring Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestransa.

La Feria de Abril is a truly amazing holiday that will impress any person.

Ilya Kozlovskiy

Date: 19/04/2011


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