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Reviews - best hotels in Seville

Casa 1800
Hotel Casa 1800, Seville

Top hotels in Seville - there are hundreds of ratings with this name. And everyone wants to be the most objective and honest. The Spanish company Iberalta, which specializes in travel consulting, succeeded in determining the best hotels in Seville a little further than others. All ingenious is simple - Iberalta identified the very best hotels in Seville by 24 000 reviews on three popular portals -, and

Cleanliness, comfort, location, service, cost, quality food - these are the main criteria on what focused specialists of Iberalta. Each parameter of one or another hotel in Seville was evaluated from 0 to 10 points. Then the marks were summed and was evaluated the average rank for three portals, reports

As a result, the best hotel in Seville, according to Iberalta, is the four-star Hotel Casa 1800 in the calle Rodrigo Caro district. In total the hotel received more than 1,500 comments, mostly excited. And it is despite the fact that in Casa 1800 there are only 24 rooms. Similar trend (to determine chamber hotels in historic buildings as the best) is typical not only to hotels in Spain, but the whole Europe.

The second place was occupied not by luxurious, but quite affordable three-star Rey Moro Hotel Boutique, boutique hotel in Seville, located in the calle Lope de Rueda district. Its second place was also predictable since boutique hotel industry is one of the most topical hotel trends of the tourism industry. It is designed for 16 rooms.

Heavyweight league among the hotels in Seville - its representative reached the third place in the ranking. Hotel Gran Meliá Colón 5* of the Melia Hotels Spanish hotel chain is a luxury giant for 189 rooms, which received 742 comments of users, who appreciated the level of organization in Seville at Hotel Gran Meliá Colón.

Here is the final list of top 15 hotels in Seville according to Iberalta:

1. Hotel Casa 1800 4*
2. Rey Moro Hotel Boutique 3*
3. Hotel Gran Meliá Colón 5*
4. Hotel Alma Sevilla-Palacio 5*
5. Hotel Fontecruz Sevilla 4*
6. Hotel Bécquer 4*
7. Monte Triana 3*
8. Alcántara 2*
9. Inglaterra 4*
10. Vincci La Rábida 4*
11. Amadeus 3*
12. Sevilla Center 4*
13. Monte Carmelo 3*
14. Adriano Boutique Sevilla 2*
15. Puerta de Sevilla 1*

Some of the presented hotels are available for online booking on now.

Ilya Kalachev


Date: 23/08/2011

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