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14 villages interceded for an unfinished hotel in Almeria

14 villages interceded for an unfinished hotel in Almeria
14 villages interceded for an unfinished hotel in Almeria

In the Spanish province of Almeria 14 villages opposed the demolition of the El Agarrobico hotel located at the seaside resort of Carboneras. El Agarrobico hotel was one of the most controversial recent hotel projects in Spain. Its construction, which began in 2006, has led to numerous protests from nature protectors. According to the representatives of the Spanish Greenpeace, the hotel is located on one of the few areas of the Mediterranean coast of Andalusia not spoiled by large-scale construction - the park of Cabo de Gata. In 2008 Spain court ordered to demolish part of the El Agarrobico hotel.

It should be noted that El Agarrobico has not been fully finished (for 90%). Today it is a high 21-floor pyramid. The number of hotel rooms is more than 400. The hotel is located in 14 meters from the sea. publication reports that the municipality of Carboneras considers it is necessary to finish the hotel as its launching will create more jobs. Representatives of 14 villages around the city agree with this statement. Opening of the hotel will create 107 direct jobs and indirectly affect creating of jobs for another 400 people.

The construction project is implemented by Azata del Sol hotel company. The company plans to create several more hotels in scenic places of Almeria.

It should be noted that has already reported about the difficult situation with the hotel. It is about Greenpeace campaign, which took place in 2009. Then the activists made an attempt to wrap the building with green cloth hoping to attract the attention of Spanish authorities to the problem of illegal construction.

Almeria resort coast is still inferior in popularity to its neighbor - the famous Costa del Sol. Implementation of this ambitious project on establishing a new chain of hotels in the Cabo de Gata park would have allowed the region to move to the new level in attracting tourists from all over the world. However, violation of environmental standards undermines the prospects for rapid development of tourism in Almeria.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 09/05/2012

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