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Carnival in Cadiz 2012

Carnival in Cadiz 2012
Carnival in Cadiz 2012

Holiday with 600-year history in one of the oldest cities in Europe sounds very tempting. Isn’t it? Colorful costumed parade, theatrical and musical performances, flamenco competitions, gastronomic delights and much more are part of a program of the bright entertainment February carnival in the Spanish city of Cadiz.

The official opening of the ten-day festival will be held in Cadiz on February 16. However, local residents, who like bright entertainment, start celebrating long before the formal date and finish celebrations much later.

The festival begins with a gastronomic feast and musical competition of the most popular folklore genres in Spain - cuartetos, chirigotas, comparsas and coros. Musical performances depicting life in Cadiz and Spain with some humor and irony are finished with gala performance in the Gran Teatro Falla on 17 February.

After the grand final of the festival music competitions on February 18 the carnival will return to the Cadiz streets to enhance celebrations on San Antonio square. In carnival can participate anyone with a carnival costume, who wants to have fun and dancing.

On February 19 carnival will take place not only in the cool night, but also in the midday heat. Swirls of music choirs will sound on the streets of Cadiz, and, of course, on the main market square of the city - Marcado Square. Bright costumed parade will start at sundown and finish with fireworks on the beach.

Carnival celebrations will lose in scope during the working week, but come back with the same force on Friday, February 24, when before the long post Cadiz residents and visitors will enjoy the last days of the February carnival.

The last days of the carnival will be the most vivid and unforgettable. Parades and cavalcades will be held almost everywhere. On Sunday in the calle de la Palma and La Viña will be held Piñata or Little Cavalcade, while burning of the Piti witch doll will be held in the evening on the Caleta beach. Festive fireworks at the San Sebastián castle will be the final chord of the February Carnival in Cadiz.

Alesya Belaya

Date: 16/02/2012

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