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First 7-star hotel in Spain is in the center of scandal

First 7-star hotel in Spain is in the center of scandal
First 7-star hotel in Spain is in the center of scandal

Spain might never see opening of the first 7-star hotel in the country. Bahía Fenicia Hotel is a luxury hotel, which should be built at Almuñécar resort, between Costa del Sol and Costa Tropical, is in the center of scandal. Government of Andalusia has asked the authorities of the resort to withdraw Almuñécar building license given to the hotel by the city municipality not so long ago.

Bahía Fenicia Hotel is built with direct participation of the well-known Asian network of luxury hotels Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts. Under the owners’ project, opening of the first 7-star hotel in Spain will be held in early 2013. However, due to the problems with wrong construction documentation the project could be delayed or even cancelled.

One of the main reasons for revocation of the license by the government of Andalusia is the need to endorse the project with the Department of Tourism of the entire region. It is worth noting that the agreement for construction was received by Bahía Fenicia Hotel only from Almuñécar authorities.

The Spanish press quoted the representative of the Government of Andalusia Maria Jose Sanchez, who said that the registration of all permissions for the construction violated all regulations. Construction permit was given before the documentation was thoroughly inspected. At the same time, Maria Jose Sanchez said that Andalusian authorities have no intention to prevent the realization of the project, but they only want bring the process in line with accepted standards in Andalusia.

It is worth noting that problems, which faced Bahía Fenicia Hotel, previously experienced numerous owners of private property on the coast. Thus, due to the violation of endorsement of the construction process, originally approved by the local authorities building plots were later admitted by the Government of Andalusia as illegally allocated.

To date, the cost of building of the first 7-star hotel in Spain is about 300 million euro. The new super-luxury hotel will allow Spain to enter the list of such giants of VIP-tourism as the Caribbean and Dubai.

Date: 02/08/2011

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